Management Solutions participated as a speaker at a round table organized by the CGRE to explore new trends in the use of credit risk underwriting, management and monitoring models and data, which was attended by more than 150 representatives from major Spanish financial institution

To expore new trends that are being observed in the use of credit risk management models and data, the Risk Management Club of Spain (CGRE) organized a virtual round table, moderated by Juan Carlos García Céspedes (Director of the Risk Management Club), which featured the participation of María Oroz (Bank of Spain), Ángel Mencía (Banco Santander), Carles Cerdá (SAS) and Manuel Guzmán (Management Solutions).

The presentation by Management Solutions, Sponsoring Member of the CGRE, was made by Manuel Guzmán, who reviewed the key meta-trends currently being observed in Artificial Intelligence and modeling in the areas of data (applying ethics in AI and data democratization projects), algorithms (component modeling, interpretability, and modeling limits), and technology (MLOps and distributed computing), also developed within the scope of the iDanae Chair​'s work.

A round table was then held to address questions around these issues, raised by the attendees.

Risk Management Club: New trends in the use of models and data for credit risk management