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1980 Post Oak Blvd​

TX 77056 Houston

United States

Management Solutions is a leading provider of business consulting services for regulated industries. We operate through 31 offices, 15 in Europe (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Coruña, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Warsaw, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Lisbon), 15 in the Americas (New York -from where Atlanta is managed-, Boston, Birmingham, Houston, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Mexico City, San José, Medellín, Bogota, Quito, Sao Paulo, Lima, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile) and 1 in Asia (Beijing), from where we also serve clients operating in other countries (most notably the Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Andorra in Europe; Canada, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala in the Americas; Singapore, Turkey, India in Asia; and Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Angola in Africa).



Dónde estamos

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Management Solutions’ strong international focus from its inception has made one of its hallmarks.

Thinking globally and acting locally we have succeeded in strengthening the presence of each of our offices in their markets, while maintaining an overall approach to our business.