Management Solutions joins the Board of Protectors of the pro-RAE Foundation

The key purpose of the pro-RAE Foundation is to support, to the extent of its possibilities, all those activities for which the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) was established.


The pro-RAE Foundation was created in 1993 to provide support to the RAE, an institution with more than 300 years of history whose main mission is to ensure that the changes experienced by the Spanish language as it gradually adapts to the needs of its speakers do not undermine its fundamental unity across the Spanish-speaking world. The formal ceremony for the signing of the agreement between the two organizations was held at the RAE headquarters in Madrid and was attended by Ms. Ana Murillo, general secretary of the Foundation, and Mr. Miguel Ángel Poblet, partner responsible for Internal Departments at Management Solutions .​

By joining the Board of Protectors of the pro-RAE Foundation, Management Solutions once again demonstrates its commitment to sponsoring and supporting cultural activities in the countries in which it operates. 


Firma Fundación RAE