Management Solutions Brazil volunteers celebrated "Dia das Crianças" by delivering gifts to children and adolescents at extreme social risk currently living in the Casa Saica I, II and III homes

Management Solutions once again organized a campaign to support the Casa Saica I, II and III homes in Sao Paulo, where around 30 children and adolescents currently live. During the "Dia das Crianças" week, the Social Action team provided each of our volunteers participating in the activity with the name, age and hobbies of one of the children living in these homes. With this information, each volunteer prepared a personalized gift for "their child" according to the child's preferences (toys, costumes, soccer boots, clothes, etc.). The children were also given a copy of the poem "The Rights of the Child" by Ruth Rocha, a Brazilian writer of children's literature that seeks to promote the welfare and education of all children.

Social Action: Children's Day