The Chair for Hydrogen Studies at Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI - ICADE, in collaboration with Management Solutions, hosted a conference on Climate Finance and the New Hydrogen Economy, featuring prominent speakers such as Nobel Laureate in Economics Mr. Robert F. Engle, whose lecture was moderated by Mr. David Coca, partner at the Firm

The speakers, from prestigious universities and international institutions such as Oxford University, Imperial College, NYU Stern, UCLA, Carlos III, ECB and others, addressed topics such as emissions and bank credit, green factors in market price models, climate change and risk mitigation measures, the valuation of climate risk in real estate assets, the use of Carbon Contracts for Difference (CCfD) for energy transition, the scaling of green hydrogen production or the optimization of water reserves.

The main day of the conference, led and moderated by MS, had as the keynote speaker Mr. Robert F. Engle, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Economics, who gave a presentation entitled: "Have capital markets forgotten about sustainability? Portfolios, greenwashing, stress testing and long run risk", discussing the need to delve in the understanding and valuation of climate risk and the definition of management strategies.

The Chair, promoted by the Comillas School of Engineering (ICAI) and the Comillas Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE) with the support of several sponsoring companies – Acerinox, BBVA, Carburos Metálicos, Cepsa Foundation, Enagás, Redeia (formerly Red Eléctrica de España) Toyota and Management Solutions –, aims to provide spaces for debate and reflection as well as training of specialized professionals, and to create a pioneering knowledge think tank in Spain of recognized experts who are studying the role of hydrogen as a new energy vector in the transition towards a decarbonized economy, and developing proposals for new business models and necessary regulatory adaptations.

Climate Finance and the New Hydrogen Economy