Christmas Solidarity

The delivery of gifts collected in Mexico and Germany marked the close of Management Solutions' Solidarity Christmas campaign this year, in which more than 500 professionals participated across our offices in Spain, UK, Germany, Portugal, US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina

In Spain, the “True Magi" campaign was organized to raise gifts for children in shelters in several Spanish cities who would otherwise not have received any gifts on Three Kings Day. The campaign was once again a great success and, thanks to the participation of more than 180 Management Solutions professionals from Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, it became possible for disadvantaged children in these centers to receive the gifts they had previously asked for in a letter to "their" individual Magi. In addition, some Management Solutions professionals participated in the “Christmas Posada" organized by Soñar Despierto, the organization that received the gifts in Madrid. This was a party during which volunteers had the opportunity to organize many activities and surprises for the children, in addition to handing the gifts to them.

In the UK, we supported the “Operation Christmas Child - Pack a Shoebox” campaign, organized by NGO Samaritan’s Purse to deliver shoe boxes filled with schools supplies, toys, personal hygiene and other children’s items to communities in need in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

In Germany, we collaborated with the Women's Home in Frankfurt, an emergency shelter for women (sometimes accompanied by their children) who are abused or at risk of abuse, which provides protection and temporary support until they are able to stabilize their situation. Thanks to the generosity of our professionals, it was possible to raise toys for the children who stay at that shelter temporarily.

Professionals from Management Solutions Portugal organized a collection of school supplies, non- perishable food, children’s items and personal hygiene products, to support Ajuda de Berço, an organization that takes care of children aged 0-3 in a situation of risk at two different shelters in Lisbon. 

Likewise, professionals from our US offices collaborated with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through a collection of gifts for children and teenagers with cancer and other serious illnesses who were in the hospital during the Christmas period. 

In Mexico, we organized the “Be a child’s Wise Man” campaign in partnership with Fundación Clara Moreno y Miramón, an institution that aims to provide comprehensive care to girls and adolescents in vulnerable situation. By becoming involved, professionals from our Mexico City offices made it possible for the children at this shelter to receive the gift they had asked for in their letters to their “personal” Wise Men.
Professionals from Management Solutions Brazil collaborated with Casa da Criança Santo Amaro, a Sao Paulo shelter for 6 to 14 year-olds in need, by organizing a volunteering afternoon during which, in addition  to handing the children the toys that had been previously collected, they shared a day of games and activities with them.

In Colombia, Management Solutions professionals shared a special morning with the 50 children cared for by Fundación Niña María, a non-profit institution in the Chía municipality that provides comprehensive care to children and young people with psychosocial mental disabilities who are under the protection of the Colombian Institute for Family Wellbeing. During this small party, our volunteers had the opportunity to hand in cold weather clothes and gifts bought for the children.

In Peru, the Firm’s local Social Action group organized a “Christmas Chocolatada” for 150 children from low income families in the Carabayllo area who are cared for by NGO Revolución Extrema, a non-profit organization that provides help and support to children who are economically disadvantaged or at risk of social exclusion. The contributions made by professionals and by the Firm itself went towards organizing this children’s party that was full of games and surprises and in which the children also received their gifts from volunteers.

In Chile, the Viejito Pascuero campaign was organized in collaboration with Jardín Infantil Tai Tai, a center that cares for close to 70 children aged between 3 and 5 in the Estación Central community. The aim of the campaign was to get each child in the center a Christmas present. The involvement of professionals from our Chile office meant all children received their present directly from Viejito Pascuero during a celebration organized by the center’s volunteers.

The Argentina office once again worked in partnership with Hogar Esteban L. Maradona, which houses the families of sick children while they are in hospital receiving treatment. This time, 22 children from the Home, aged between18 months and 9 years, received a Christmas present thanks to the involvement of the local Social Action volunteers, who organized a small party at the Home with games and songs, and delivered drawing materials for the younger ones at the center.

Christmas Solidarity