The Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy, together with ICEX Spain, organized a "Meeting of Spanish Companies in Germany 2024" at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin, sponsored by Banco Santander and attended by several Management Solutions representatives

Francisco Pérez Calurano and Carlos Martín Orozco, partners of Management Solutions' German office, were invited to the "Meeting of Spanish Companies in Germany 2024" that took place on Wednesday, May 29th, at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin. The event was organized by the Economic and Commercial Office and ICEX Spain, and was sponsored by Banco Santander. The day featured several discussion panels where participants had the opportunity to exchange views on relevant topics such as internationalization, investment opportunities, regulatory challenges and market trends in both countries. Keynote speakers at the event included Dr. Scholl from the German Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, as well as representatives from some of Spain's top companies in Germany, such as Iberdrola, Verti, TALGO and Santander.

Encuentro de empresas españolas en Alemania 2024