Management Solutions participated in the 22nd Annual Risk Conference organized by the CGRE (Risk Management Club of Spain) and entitled “New Risks, Old Problems...” , which was attended by representatives of international regulatory and supervisory bodies, as well as executives from leading Spanish financial institutions


The conference was held at Santander Spain's headquarters in Madrid in a hybrid (in-person and live-streaming) format, and aimed to share the views of regulators and financial institutions on current issues of great interest to the industry.

Management Solutions, a CGRE Protector Partner, actively participated in the event by moderating Ms. Soledad Díaz-Noriega, partner of the Firm, one of the plenary sessions that made up the conference agenda, entitled "ESG Risks: Challenges, measurement and impacts", which included presentations by Mr. Severiano Solana (Caixabank), Mr. Alfonso Carderera (BBVA), Mr. Manuel Pérez de Castro (Santander Bank) and Ms. Davinia Jou (Sabadell Bank). Ms. Margarita Delgado (Bank of Spain), and Mr. Juan Carlos Estepa and Mr. Ángel Mencía (President and Vice-President of CGRE, respectively), among other representatives of leading local and global financial institutions, also took part in the conference.

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