The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) has once again recognized that Management Solutions’ Criminal Compliance Management System is aligned with the UNE19601 standard in regards to its business consulting activities and related technologies

The UNE 19601 standard examines the policies and procedures in the Criminal Compliance Management Systems of organizations in relation to four different areas i) prevention of crimes that may give rise to criminal responsibility; ii) dissemination of a prevention and compliance culture within the organization; iii) surveillance and control to significantly reduce the risk of crimes being committed; and iv) criminal risk management itself.

Although the scope of the UNE19601 is limited to Spain, the related policies and procedures implemented in the Firm are of a global nature, which again shows Management Solutions’ firm commitment to managing risk – in this case criminal risk – globally, including jurisdictions where there is no legal requirement on this.

AENOR renews the Spanish UNE19601 criminal compliance certification to Management Solutions