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Among the internal communication initiatives (the intranet, human resources policies) addressed to strengthen the cohesion and integration of all Management Solutions professionals, the corporate events organized by the Firm for its professionals are to be mentioned. The chief communications event organized by Management Solutions is the Yearly Meeting. This is an annual international convention that brings together a large part of the Firm's professionals and which is celebrated at the end of July, thereby marking the end of the financial year.  

At this annual meeting, the partners offer Management Solutions professionals a summary of the results and the milestones achieved for the Fiscal Year, the challenges for the upcoming fiscal year, all grouped according to our six strategic pillars: diversification, profitable growth, innovation R&D, human resources management, communication, and organizational flexibility.

Also, we invite directors and senior executives of some big entities, as well as representatives from the academic world, to give speeches at our Yearly Meeting. The Firm's professionals are thus provided with the opportunity to encounter different approaches and viewpoints on areas relating to our activity, delivered by top performing executives.


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More than 230 professionals from our Mexico office met at the Presidente InterContinental Hotel for their Yearly Meeting

Professionals from Management Solutions Colombia met at the Embassy Hotel for their Yearly Meeting

Management Solutions’ Yearly Meeting 2019 was held on July 19 at the Teatro Real in Madrid with the presence of over a thousand professionals from all of the Firm’s units and the participation, as guest speakers, of leaders from some big entities

An event was held in Madrid to welcome the FY20 intake for our offices in Spain - more than 200 professionals who, together with those that will be joining our other units in the coming months and that will hold their welcome meetings in the coming days, will add up to a total intake of close to 400 new professionals.

The one-day training course for Management Solutions executives, held last June 20 at Teatro Real in Madrid, had the participation of prominent speakers from the business world