Inaugural conference of the Open Classroom on Impact Economics

The Social Impact Chair, launched by Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Open Value Foundation, Fundación Repsol and Management Solutions, held its Open Classroom’s first session on Impact Economics

The Social Impact Chair's Open Classroom on Impact Economics organized its first session together with the Comillas Alumni office, featuring a presentation by Mr. Luis Casado Padilla, Director of Repsol Impacto Social. The event, held at the ICADE Conference Hall and streamed live to over 600 people, was chaired by Ms. Maria Teresa Corzo, Dean of the Economics and Business Administration Department at Universidad Pontificia Comillas, who took the opportunity to thank the support of the organizations that have launched the Chair, and was also addressed by Mr. Carlos Ballesteros, ICADE professor and Chair Director, who presented the Chair's main objectives and activities as well as its organization chart.

The Open Classroom on Impact Economics aims to be a meeting and debate forum to reflect on the great challenges, mainly socio-economic, currently facing society: unemployment, loss of household purchasing power and a high percentage of the population at risk of poverty, unequal opportunities in accessing education caused by the digital divide and uncontrolled migration, etc. The Open Classroom also wants to reflect how, in recent years, the business sector has become aware of its key role in addressing these problems and has implemented policies that generate social value as well as financial results.​

Social Impact Chair’s Open Classroom on Impact Economics