MS participates in the first Spain & LATAM Data Ethics Club event

In addition to sponsoring the first Spain & LATAM Data Ethics Club event, Management Solutions shared its extensive knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Ethics in modeling

In the first event entitled "Roadmap for Sustainable AI", Mr. Manuel Guzmán, partner in charge of R&D at Management Solutions, presented his experience and knowledge of Data Ethics in the field of modeling.

The event was moderated by Ms. Silvina Arce and Mr. Rafael Fernández Campos, founders of the Data Ethics Club, and featured a panel discussion among Ms. Joaquina Salado, head of AI Ethics at Telefónica, Ms. María Xano Bonilla and Ms. Elena Herrero-Beaumont, together with the partner representing Management Solutions.

MS participa en el primer evento del Club de Data Ethics Spain & LATAM