Management Solutions participates in Convention A

Management Solutions participated in Convention A, a first-time global actuarial event with the slogan "Connecting Knowledge" that was organized by various institutions including the International Actuarial Association, with the collaboration of the Institute of Spanish Actuaries (IAE) of which the Firm is a sponsoring member

During the Convention, which was being held last week in virtual format, topics such as IFRS 17, sustainability, health, social welfare, the economics of aging and the challenges facing actuaries were discussed. Management Solutions' presentation, by Manuel Ángel Guzmán and Albert de Paz, partner and director at Management Solutions respectively, focused on "Methodologies for calculating the impact of climate risk on insurance companies".

Convention A provided over 180 hours of actuarial content in English, German, French and Spanish to more than 35 participating organizations.


Management Solutions participa en Convention A