Management Solutions participates in the 32nd AMIS Insurers' Convention

Management Solutions was one of the sponsors of the 32nd Mexican Insurers' Convention, the main event on trends in the Mexican insurance industry, organized by AMIS (Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions)

The event was attended by representatives from across the insurance industry (insurers, regulator, consulting firms, reinsurers, brokers, insurer associations, etc.). Under the title "Insurance trends in an evolving environment", the conference focused on financial inclusion through insurance, future trends in insurance development and the role of insurance in the current economic situation.

Marcos Fernández and Matias Cajiao, partners at the Firm, gave a presentation on "Measuring climate risks in the insurance industry", during which they discussed the risks arising from climate change facing insurance companies in terms of their asset and liability portfolios, as well as the methodologies for measuring the financial impact of physical and transition risk under different scenarios, exemplified through case studies.​

Management Solutions participa en la 32 Convención de Aseguradores AMIS