Integration of ESG Factors into Credit Management

Management Solutions participated in a discussion forum organized by the Risk Management Club of Spain (CGRE) which addressed the current situation and the main challenges faced by financial institutions in the integration of ESG risks into credit risk in various areas, such as governance, origination, monitoring, pricing, impact on collateral valuation and data management


The discussion forum was moderated by Mr. Álvaro Díez Recio (Group Credit Risk Head of Environmental, Social and Climate Change - ESG at Grupo Santander) and included the participation of Mr. Alfonso Calderera (Executive Director, head of Global Reporting, Regulation & Sustainability at BBVA) and Mr. Severiano Solana (Director of Strategy and Sustainability Monitoring at Caixabank).

Ms. Soledad Díaz-Noriega, partner at Management Solutions, was also a speaker at the forum, which was presented by Mr. Juan Carlos Estepa (Director of CGRE).

ESG Factors