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Production and Distribution

We work with large distribution groups and industrial organizations that are leaders in their respective markets

Management Solutions responds to industry needs through this practice, from the perspective of both the generator (production) and the distributor (channeling the product towards the end customer).

After years of sharply declining activity with the resulting implications for the utilization of installed production and distribution capacities, the economic outlook is pointing to signs of recovery in the growth path. Globalization, together with the different speeds of recovery from the recession in large regions, is leading to the relocation of a large part of the value chain: purchasing, production, manufacturing and selling now require "global thinking and local action", and imply a continuous improvement and transformation of the organizational, operational and technological structures used by the companies operating in these markets. 

Also, changes in consumer habits and customer behavior require business models that allow companies to make the most of the huge amount of information available. This is not only because customers demand a better service based on a combination of greater  speed, availability and comfort,  but also because of how they interact with new channels as a result of technological advances and the use of mobile devices.

Our practice

We have extensive experience in advising the leading industrial organizations in their respective markets. Our consultants specialize in redesigning the value chain and optimizing the internal resources devoted to core activities.