The pandemic has accelerated companies' digital transformation agenda, making it even more of a priority and extending it to all business areas and sectors.

Mobile banking Apps

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With an increase of 15 to 20 percentage points in usage compared to pre-pandemic levels, mobile APPs have become a fundamental cornerstone for the relationship with customers within the entire digital ecosystem, as they are now their preferred channel.

Benchmarking of digital APPs provides a holistic view of how these APPs perform relative to the nine fundamental areas that drive a company’s digital strategy, with these areas in turn covering a taxonomy of more than 2hundred and 50 functionalities.

At Management Solutions we have been accompanying our clients in the preparation of benchmarks specific to industries such as Banking, TMT, Distribution, Insurance, and in their digital transformation through:

  • Improving their Open Market feature through the definition of digital onboarding journeys, including 100% digital customer onboarding, and using this feature as a tool to attract more digital customers.
  • Intensifying the Do-It-Yourself functionality so that all transactions can be carried out through the app).
  • Developing analytical models that allow firms to make the most of data in order to improve their digital financial advice.