Management Solutions collaborates with the Down syndrome community

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day and with the aim of supporting Down syndrome, Management Solutions' Social Action Group organized the "Unmatched Socks" campaign – with participation by nearly 150 professionals from all our offices – in addition to other initiatives in Italy, Peru and Colombia


Around 150 people took part in the mismatched socks challenge, consisting of wearing different socks on each foot and sharing a photo on social media with the aim of raising awareness and giving visibility to the Down syndrome community and highlighting the importance of their autonomy. The activity had double the impact, as the Firm will give all participants a pair of campaign socks from the Aura Foundation (DOWN Spain's partner NGO), with proceeds going entirely to the Down syndrome community.

In addition, this week the Firm is promoting other initiatives to support this community: in Italy, professionals from the Firm will be participating in an event organized by AIPD Nazionale; in Peru, training sessions for work integration will be organized in collaboration with the Peruvian Down Syndrome Association, and in Colombia, a virtual mandala workshop will be given by the children of the Down Syndrome Corporation.​

These campaigns are in addition to the numerous collaborations (volunteering, sponsorships, collaboration agreements, etc.) that Management Solutions has established with various foundations supporting the Down syndrome community ever since its inception.


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