Recognition of inclusive companies

Prodis Foundation, an organization that seeks to train young people with intellectual disabilities with the aim of achieving their inclusion in society, has given recognition to Management Solutions' commitment to the inclusion and hiring of people with that profile


The event, held at the Madrid Stock Exchange headquarters, was attended by representatives, workers with intellectual disabilities and so-called "natural supports" (employees designated to accompany colleagues with disabilities in the workplace and who, with their daily support, ensure the continuity and success of the inclusion) from nearly 100 companies recognized for their work in the field of inclusion. Collecting the award on behalf of Management Solutions – which has been collaborating with Prodis for more than 10 years – was Cristina López, partner in charge of HR at the Firm, who was accompanied at the event by Jorge Lozano and John Alexander Loeches, professionals from Management Solutions' Support Area, who participate in Prodis' integration programs.

The Prodis Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide the necessary support to people with intellectual disabilities to improve their quality of life, helping them in their personal development and social and labor inclusion.

Reconocimiento a empresas inclusivas