Management Solutions participates in the "Management Committee" meeting of the FLA

In addition to its involvement as a member, Management Solutions participated as a speaker at the quarterly Management Committee session of the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), an industry organization that brings together leading companies in the UK asset finance, consumer and automotive finance sectors


The event brought together c-suite members of leading auto finance companies, with the aim of discussing and addressing key issues around Consumer Duty adaptation.

With the title "Fair Value in Motor Finance", Management Solutions' presentation – given by Mr. Juan Garcia Cascales and Mr. Rafael Poza Fresnillo, partners at the Firm – examined the implications of the ‘Fair Value’ principle outlined by the Consumer Duty regulation. The presentation delved into the challenges of calculating fair value, and advised members on how to ensure compliance to the regulation but also enhancing customer acquisition and retention.


Management Solutions participa en la reunión del Comité de Dirección de la FLA