The Social Impact Chair at Comillas Pontifical University presented its report "Proposals for the measurement and management of social impact. Measuring to decide", offering the impact ecosystem some basic keys to develop robust, rigorous and efficient measurement of social impact, based on the experience of a group of diverse organizations that make up the think tank of the Social Impact Chair and its community of practice

The presentation of the report – prologued by Mr. Jeremy Nicholls, founder of Social Value International and director of the UNDP SDG Impact Standards verification program – was attended by Ms. Milagros Paniagua, general secretary for Objectives and Policies of Inclusion and Social Welfare at the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration; Ms. Mireia Ferré, president of ESIMPACT; Ms. Rocío García, territorial director of the Fundación Secretariado Gitano in Madrid; Ms. Soledad Díaz-Noriega, partner in charge of the Sustainability, Impact and Climate Risk Practice at Management Solutions; Ms. Bárbara Calderón, coordinator for the Knowledge Creation Area of the Social Impact Chair; Mr. Mario Scade and Ms. Sonsoles García Sánchez, CEO and manager, respectively, of the Analysis and Measurement Area at Más Business; and Mr. Carlos Ballesteros, Social Impact Chair director.

Access to the report Proposals for measuring and managing social impact. Measuring to decide (available in spanish).


Impacto Social, medir para decidir