Changes in customer behavior, technological advances, modular developments and multi-channel hybrid solutions are helping to create faster and cheaper digital solutions. Boosting the digitalization of traditional businesses and encouraging the creation of new ones is a new challenge to every company in any sector; a challenge that companies cannot ignore if they want to survive under the new digitalization paradigm.

Digital Boost

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"Digital" is a very broad concept that, depending on who we deal with and which sector the company operates in, can be related with different topics. MS’s Digital Value Proposition is focused on the definition and evolution of Digital channels & solutions and puts the customer at the center of its methodologies to deliver best in class digital experiences.

For several years now, Management Solutions has been collaborating with large financial institutions, both global and local, on the set up and launch of their Digital factories, and has developed a strong expertise in the area of Digital Product owners, having led the evolution of those institutions’ webs and apps.

Management Solutions specializes in a range of services within the Digital space:

  • Digital Strategy: help in defining and improving digital strategy, with work areas including:
    • Digital factories.
    • Governance and coordination of complex digital programs.
    • Support to both the business and IT in defining strategies for the creation of digital products.
    • Implementation and evolution of ways of working for the software definition and development lifecycle that will enhance delivery & quality.  
    • 3rd party identification and analysis.
    • Tool selection for the digital ecosystem.
  • Digital Channels: support in defining digital products aligned with the organization’s strategy and needs. Coverage of the E2E product definition lifecycle, including:
    • Product vision.
    • Execution of research & discovery exercises to understand customer needs and market competition.
    • Feature definition, prototyping and user testing.
    • Leading feature development as PO within development squads.
  • Digital Solutions: creation of ‘out of the box’ conceptualized solutions on specific, specialist topics that help our clients to improve the time-to-market of their digital solutions. In this line of service, we:
    • Deep dive into specialized digital solutions.
    • Conceptualize specific products with a digital approach.
    • Adjust and adapt to fit the reality of each company.
    • Improve the user experience of solutions in digital channels.
  • Digital Analytics: creation, deployment and governance of an end-to-end analytics framework with the aim of: understanding the customer’s behavior and usage of digital solutions, extracting actionable insights and uncovering opportunities for improvement, identifying usability problems and even detecting business opportunities.
  • Behavioral Economics (BE): helping our clients to improve their Customer Experience by applying the key principles of BE in their customer journeys.
  • Digital Ecosystems: helping our clients to define the strategy for and approach to launching and setting up digital platforms and ecosystems, including:
    • Support in the Platform design.
    • Definition of launching strategies.
    • Monetization approaches.
    • Definition of an ecosystem/platform governance and policies that will foster value. creation and attract participants.
    • Definition of new types of metrics adapted to platform businesses to measure growth prospects.