Gamma is Management Solutions’ answer to the challenges observed regarding model risk management and its governance processes

Funcionalidades Gamma

By means of these functionalities, Gamma overcomes the challenges observed in the industry:

  • Lack of a comprehensive and integrated view of the status of all models within the institution.
  • Lack of standardization when applying model risk policies and inappropriate segregation of duties.
  • Model information scattered among different groups, generating knowledge silos and inefficiencies when developing and reviewing models.
  • Difficulty to prioritize and identify material issues and model dependencies that will generate regulatory pressure.
  • Limitations to the visualization of the model development, validation and deployment timelines to actively manage the model plan.
  • Disconnection between the tools used in the model field: model governance, model monitoring, campaign managers, etc.





Gamma allows for the effective management of model risk and the processes involved

Advantages for the user

Compliance with regulation

Gamma complies with the IT-related requirements outlined in Fed/OCC’s Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management (SR 11-07), with the European Central Bank’s guidelines on Model Risk for the Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP) and with Poland KNF’s Recommendations W.

Fully customizable and user-friendly interface

All inventory fields, roles, user permissions, etc., are customizable by the user in Gamma. The tool provides quick and easy access to the information, both high level and granular, through user-friendly interfaces.

Version control and historical view

Gamma incorporates past processes and retired models, which allows for efficient recycling and comparison of legacy models.

Linkage to other applications

Gamma can be easily integrated with other model management tools, such as model monitoring engines, model policies management tools or campaign definition and monitoring systems, for which Management Solutions has proprietary solutions (MIR and MMDE).

IT Advantages

Simple deployment

Gamma is a web-based tool, thus easy to implement and deploy.

In-hosted & out-hosted

Gamma can be either in- or out-hosted (SaaS), as per the client’s needs, providing easy and secure access in both cases.

3-month implementation

Gamma can be deployed in only 14 weeks, including an analysis of the client’s needs, its model governance status and its configuration preferences.

Little support required

Gamma requires reduced IT support, intended to be done internally by the client.




GAMMA Structure

Gamma is structured as a web-based tool with a user-friendly menu from which all information is rapidly accessible.

Estructura Gamma

Gamma includes all relevant information regarding models: identification, purpose, documentation, dependencies, IT and methodological details, user rights, etc.

Moreover, Gamma is customized to every client’s needs as part of its deployment, adding all required specific information as necessary.

Internally, Gamma consists of seven key elements: models, model uses, workflows, roles, status, processes and tasks

Estructura Gamma


Gamma provides a stable collaborative web environment
for the growing number of users involved in the model management process


Scalable architecture adaptable to the client's technological requirements

  • Gamma’s J2EE architecture was designed strictly following standards to be deployed over the main web browsers, web servers, databases and security managers, reducing technology costs and installation time.
  • Its architecture is oriented to be scalable and stable even under high concurrency circumstances.


Management Solutions deploys Gamma for its main industries and across all its countries of activity

The massive proliferation of models for decision making across all industries, especially – but not exclusively – the financial sector, has made model risk a central issue of concern.

Management Solutions’ Gamma Model Governance System addresses Model Risk Management, is customized to each client’s needs and is adapted to all specific industry and local regulation requirements.


Financial entities


Energy & Utilities




Other sectors: manufacturing, pharma, logistics and transportation, tourism, professional services, education, construction and infrastructure, government

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