Presentation of the Chair for Hydrogen Studies´ Annual Report

The Chair for Hydrogen Studies, created as part of a collaboration between the Comillas School of Engineering (ICAI) and the Comillas Faculty of Economics and Business (ICADE), and supported by Management Solutions as one of its patron companies, will be presenting its annual report on Tuesday 25th, including an analysis of the current status of renewable hydrogen projects in Spain, current regulations and future needs


The report will be presented on Tuesday 25th October at 10:00 am by Ms. Isabel Figuerola-Ferretti and Mr. Rafael Cossent, co-directors of the Chair for Hydrogen Studies. The event will include a presentation by Ms. Marta Martín Velázquez, Department Head at the General Subdirectorate for Hydrocarbons and New Fuels, Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

To attend the event, either in person (Aula Pérez del Pulgar at Comillas-ICAI, c/Alberto Aguilera 25, Madrid) or via streaming, it will be necessary to have previously confirmed attendance through the following link before the start of the event.

The Chair, promoted by the Comillas School of Engineering (ICAI) and the Comillas Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (ICADE) with the support of several sponsoring companies – Acerinox, BBVA, Carburos Metálicos, Cepsa Foundation, Enagás, Redeia (formerly Red Eléctrica de España) Toyota and Management Solutions, aims to provide spaces for debate and reflection as well as training of specialized professionals, and to create a pioneering knowledge think tank in Spain of recognized experts who are studying the role of hydrogen as a new energy vector in the transition towards a decarbonized economy, and developing proposals for new business models and necessary regulatory adaptations.

Presentación del Informe Anual de la Cátedra de Estudios sobre el Hidrógeno