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At Management Solutions we design solutions that combine our creative capabilities (drawing on our knowledge, skills and talent), with scientific support (methodology) and adaptation to a particular environment, while committing to their effective implementation.

This approach applies not only to each of the projects in which we are engaged to deliver results to our clients, but also to the prior R&D work that is essential in all of Management Solutions’ fields of expertise.

The current economic situation and changing regulatory environment require the presence of a specialist R&D team to undertake extensive research and knowledge management work that will ultimately ensure the provision of top quality services for our clients.

Our practice

Management Solutions’ R&D team provides methodological support to our professionals and clients as part of the Firm’s commitment to stay at the forefront of industry developments and in response to the growing market demand for innovation.

The R&D team also serves as a center for managing the Firm’s knowledge, with a special emphasis on structuring and disseminating best practice in all countries where we operate.

Additionally, the R&D team works closely with universities, offering theses for graduate and post-graduate programs as well as professional internships to graduates of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics faculties, and gives seminars on quantitative finance as part of degree and Master’s degree programs.

Our service offering

  • Quality control and methodology consistency.
  • Preparation of regular publications (newsletters, situation reports, etc.).
  • Support to projects with a methodology component.
  • Research: development of best practices to adapt regulations and Management standards to our clients.
  • Innovation: business intelligence models for decision making.
  • Relationship with universities.
  • Internal training (Firm’s professionals) and external training (clients and universities).

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