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The telecommunications industry, faced with the threat of "commoditization" of their services, is constantly reinventing itself, and has become central to progress in the more developed economies. Some of the factors driving transformation in this industry are the ongoing customer demand for new services, the emergence of new forms of communication through social networks and the digitization of information.

This dynamism is largely due to band-width developments in communications, especially in mobile bandwidth, and to generalized use of fiber optics in traditional networks. The potential of this new transmission capability, combined with innovation by manufacturers and product developers, is making it possible to create a “new user experience" for end customers, which is redefining the role of all the participants in the industry’s value chain.

Operational efficiency, convergence, marketing innovation (especially in more mature countries) and risk management continue to be priority areas in the telecommunications sector.

Our practice

Management Solutions works with agents operating in this industry by identifying new services in line with the strategy and assets of each company, designing and developing operational excellence projects and converting the information into business knowledge to obtain an optimal "time to market" in the dynamic electronic communications industry.


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