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Progressive deregulation has uncovered that there is little perceived product/brand differentiation in traditional businesses (water, electricity, gas). Customers, used to consuming “primary goods” bought from suppliers designated by current regulations, do not associate certain qualities with the brand as is the case in other industries. This has coincided with the remarkable growth of gas as a transition energy towards future sources, and with a complex economic environment marked by stagnation in energy consumption.

These circumstances pose many management challenges related not only to “defending” the current positioning and to diversification, but also to effectively measuring, supporting and managing the business, including adequately monitoring and controlling the different market, credit, business and operational risks associated with these activities.

Our practice

At Management Solutions, we help to maximize each company’s core business and join the company in its diversification challenges by optimizing its potential and taking account of the structural impacts on its organization. In order to achieve success, we help clients redesign their value chain in terms of operational excellence and technological innovation, as well as appropriate management of their cost structure and risks.


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