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The financial industry is transforming its business and support models around liquidity, solvency, delinquency and efficiency variables, in its determination to find new ways to operate in the medium and long term.

Today, the obvious consolidation process to remove excess capacity and improve efficiency goes hand in hand with a substantial change in the competitive environment that requires deep rethinking of strategy, operations and technology. Globalization has permanently de-coupled the industry’s traditional integrated value chain, making it necessary to reflect upon the "producer" and "distributor" roles of each company.

Additionally, the new multichannel environment, the proliferation of new competitors and new entrants, together with the significantly more demanding customer requirements, make managing the growth-efficiency-solvency equation a real challenge for the industry.

If we add to this the current regulatory framework and changing requirements in order to align with the new market environment, we are undoubtedly faced with one of the most complex industries in today’s economy.

Our practice

Management Solutions caters for the whole range of players in this market: banks, insurers, investment companies, financial institutions...

Based on their in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, the industry, our professionals are more than prepared to meet any current challenge.

All our areas of specialty can be brought into play in this practice. Additionally, we have developed certain services that address industry-specific requirements. Especially noteworthy are our services in wholesale banking (Treasury, Capital Markets, Asset Management, Payment Methods…), business and retail banking (distribution models, knowledge of customer, customer’s multi-channel behavior and experience…), management of financial business risks (in any of its facets), optimization of equity, and regulatory compliance (Basel II, money laundering, etc.).


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