We increase productivity through process optimization and digital transformation

After a few years of efficient growth, the industry is once again threatened by the economic recession. European industry is experiencing the impact of the trade wars between the US and China and the rest of the global turbulence that destabilizes the economic and political landscape.

The automobile sector is the most affected, with indices that reflect a drop in production and exports. The steel and chemical sectors better withstand this impact, noting the slowdown in growth compared to previous years.

Because of this global slowdown and the relocation of the industry value chain, companies need a constant process of continuous improvement and transformation to minimize the impact of external threats and internal weaknesses.

In this context, digital transformation, understood in its various meanings of extraction of value from data, automation and robotization, intelligent management, new ways of working and new business models, play a fundamental role in the industry in terms of increasing competitiveness and reducing costs caused by inefficiencies.

Our practice

Management Solutions provides services to a wide range of types of companies in the industrial sector. Our value proposition is perfectly adapted to your needs, allowing us to respond to all kinds of requirements related to technological and digital transformation, process optimization, increased productivity and the management of your risks (operational, suppliers, regulatory), in addition to be able to value the available information, through predictive analytics in decision-making and data governance.

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