Logistics and transportation

We support the leaders of the transport and logistics sectors in their organizational, informational and risk management transformation

The logistics and transport sector is facing a profound transformation due to the appearance of important challenges such as those derived from new protectionist policies, the necessary adaptation to the requirements derived from the transition to a low-carbon economy, the high level of competition in prices, or the rise of large e-commerce operators with their own logistics structures.

These challenges have forced us to focus on efficiency, seeking an efficient use of resources. Similarly, efforts have been made to improve the traveler experience, taking advantage of the advantages offered by digital transformation, increasing personalization, the use of mobile technologies, advanced modeling and data management.

On the other hand, the rise of electronic commerce continues to be the growth lever of the logistics sector, in which the use of new technologies is also completely disruptive. In this sense, trends such as robotic warehouses, flexibility in the distribution phase to meet customer needs, the use of artificial intelligence to optimize routes and, in a state of less maturity, autonomous transport, will mark unprecedented business transformation in the sector.

Our practice

At Management Solutions we accompany the leaders of the transport and logistics sector in their organizational transformation - implementing efficiency programs and agile transformation of processes and improving human resource management in a digital, informational context - putting at the service of advanced techniques modeling, governance and data treatment, optimal models for the exploitation of information, analytical and budgeting models, etc.-, risk management (maps and risk measurement methodologies, assurance and internal control maps, climate and sustainability risk management, etc.).

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