Education industry

We participate in the transformation of universities and educational institutes to respond to the new educational model

The education sector is facing a major transformation in order to adapt to social changes and changes in the productive sectors, with a great impact on its educational offerings, processes and university life. 

Demand for university courses continues to be strong in traditional sectors (education, healthcare, etc.) but the need for specialized profiles in the quantitative field and new technologies (information management and modeling, digitilization, robotization, Big Data, cybersecurity, etc.) has for a long time now been very intense, making it necessary to review both the educational model and its governance.

In relation to internal processes, digital transformation is opening new opportunities to focus processes on the student, improve administrative processes by making them more agile and efficient, and develop advanced information systems that strengthen analytical capabilities and data governance, thus facilitating decision making. 
Finally, the move towards campuses that are both more digital (focused on a more digital student, with additional services linked to new technologies and the use of data) and greener (adapted to new social demands around environmental impact and decarbonization objectives) add new challenges to the management of university life. 

Our practice

Management Solutions works intensively in the education sector, with a focus on Universities, taking advantage of the close relationship it maintains with some of the most prestigious institutions to respond to their needs: digital transformation, efficiency, control and customer (student) orientation of its processes, the improvement of its information system and the design of solid strategic plans.

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