Construction and infrastructures

We collaborate with major infrastructure companies and leading construction companies in the residential construction sector

The construction sector shows favorable growth forecasts in the medium term, mainly due to the increase in mobility needs arising from demographic growth, especially in cities, and the paradigm shift that this implies. At the same time, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic has had the effect of paralyzing the sector's activity in the short term, causing an impact on direct employment and on third parties, and has aggravated the lack of public funding needed to maintain and develop the infrastructures necessary to contribute to social cohesion, industrial development and the commitment to climate change. Thus, in Europe, government plans derived from the Next Generation EU funding program must enable and activate mechanisms that generate a reasonable profitability scenario for projects and foster a collaborative and agile environment between private and public agents.

At the regulatory level, global technological developments and trends in other business sectors (electric mobility, green hydrogen, decarbonization objectives, etc.) represent a fundamental factor in determining the needs of the sector in the medium and long term.

For their part, companies in the sector are making great efforts to develop and incorporate digital transformation into their business processes, in the form of innovative technologies that provide a competitive advantage and enable them to improve efficiency.   

Our practice

Management Solutions responds to the needs of construction and infrastructure companies, promoting risk management, developing internal control and compliance models, supporting financial functions in liquidity management, financial planning and adaptation to regulatory developments, monitoring of climate risk and sustainability challenges or the evolution of the IT function in coexistence with Digital Transformation.

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