Construction and infrastructures

We collaborate with major infrastructure companies and leading construction companies in the residential construction sector

The construction sector shows favorable growth forecasts in the medium term, although its main barrier is the restriction of public spending in almost all world economies, which makes it necessary to search for new budgetary financing schemes and attract the interest of the private capital in investment in infrastructure, in an environment of decreasing returns and increasing volatility (as in the price of raw materials, for example).

For their part, companies in the sector have made great efforts in developing and incorporating digital transformation into their business processes, in the form of innovative technologies that provide a competitive advantage in the sector. One of the trends that are now consolidating is to value data for decision-making.

At the regulatory level, global technological development and trends in other sectors (electric mobility, decarbonisation objectives, etc.) represent a fundamental factor in determining the needs of the sector in the medium and long-term horizon.

Our practice

Management Solutions responds to the needs of construction and infrastructure companies, promoting risk management, developing internal control and compliance models, supporting financial functions in liquidity management, financial planning and adaptation to regulatory developments, monitoring of climate risk and sustainability challenges or the evolution of the IT function in coexistence with Digital Transformation.

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