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We work with the large infrastructure companies and with leading firms in the residential construction sector

The industry has been marked by a low growth scenario in most mature economies. Today, while the outlook for public works remain closely linked to state budget cuts, the housing market (both residential and non-residential) is showing clear signs of having bottomed out and entered a slow recovery phase. 
Deleveraging, cost control, process optimization, etc. continue to be key elements in the more mature economies, though growth strategies are once again being implemented, adapted to new demand for residential and non-residential property. 
In emerging countries, the growth in activity seen in recent years as a result of the rapid modernization of their infrastructure work (civil engineering), homes (residential), the business sector (offices) and their consumption habits and needs (shopping malls, health care, etc.) is being affected by a changing macroeconomic environment.

Our practice

We support industry leaders to successfully navigate different market cycles depending on the geographies in which they are present.

Through in-depth knowledge of the global, local, and individual aspects of each project, we help our clients to strictly comply with their financial objectives by improving the efficiency of their cost structures and reinforcing the monitoring of their project execution times.