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We work with the large infrastructure companies and with leading firms in the residential construction sector

After various years of strong deceleration marked by falling real estate prices following the global financial crisis and budgetary adjustments to public infrastructure spending in the leading economies, the sector as a whole appears to have entered into a new growth stage.

Residential construction has once again seen significant growth in most markets. As for non-residential construction, it has also seen positive growth on the back of economic recovery and increased consumption, as shown by figures on new office and shopping mall development, logistics, and, to a lesser extent, industrial construction. 

Finally, while still the market segment that has taken longest to recover, the outlook for civil engineering is also improving thanks to apparent renewed interest from the main governments in increasing investment in this area as a driver of economic growth.  

Our practice

We support industry leaders to successfully navigate different market cycles depending on the geographies in which they are present.

Through in-depth knowledge of the global, local, and individual aspects of each project, we help our clients to strictly comply with their financial objectives by improving the efficiency of their cost structures and reinforcing the monitoring of their project execution times.